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Delivery Products

Heating Oil

Depend on the safe, reliable, and affordable comfort of oil heat. We at RA Bair & Son provide quality home heating oil at the lowest prices in the area. Become an automatic fuel oil delivery customer and enjoy peace of mind this heating season.


Kerosene can be used for many household purposes including fueling convection or radiant heaters to quickly provide reliable, even comfort to concentrated areas of your home. Kerosene heating equipment requires no electricity, so you can count on a dependable heat source if you lose power. Kerosene can also be used to fuel lanterns and stoves, making it a versatile home energy source.

Diesel Fuel

Depend ton RA Bair & Son for your on-road and off-road diesel fuel needs. Our competitively priced diesel fuels can be used to power a wide range of business and recreational vehicles and equipment. Whether you rely on diesel fuel for construction machinery, agricultural equipment, or to fuel a means of transportation, the ultra low sulfur diesel fuel we offer promotes greater efficiency for your equipment and eco-friendliness for our environment.


Using a high quality gasoline can be crucial to the operation of your business if you operate agricultural equipment, large trucks or buses, construction equipment, or many other types of industrial machinery and transportation vehicles. At RA Bair & Son, we provide clean, top-notch gasoline to keep your business’s most important equipment running efficiently.